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We offer:

  • A professional friendly service
  • Careers advice
  • Market rates working at leading London law firms in the City and West End
  • Excellent office location
  • Short term and long term assignments
  • Holiday pay
  • 24 hour phone line
  • CV advice
  • Advice regarding visas
  • Fabulous referral scheme

Our Tax office details

East Hampshire and Wight area
Links house
1 Northern Road
Tax Reference number 581/TA13612

Please send your P45 to us immediately on starting an assignment. If you do not have one Legal Leap will issue you with a P46.


If you do not have an NI Number please call
0845 6000 643 Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm
Timesheet download here

Straight into your bank account by BACS the week after receiving a signed timesheet. With notice, a cash or cheque arrangement can also be set up for you.

Holiday Pay
All temporary staff are entitled to accrue up to 28 days holiday per year which is calculated as a percentage of hours worked. This is currently 12.07% and will show on your payslip. Advanced notice is needed to claim holiday pay and, if you are working it must be shown as PAID LEAVE on the timesheet. Please note 28 days holiday is accrued for a 12 month period and it may NOT be carried over to the following year.

Best ways to make an impression


  • Plan your journey/leave lots of time
  • Arrive on time
  • Show willing
  • Be smartly dressed
  • Be polite at all times
  • Use lots of initiative
  • Ask the Client how they like work to be done
  • Leave a copy of the timesheet with the Client


  • Forget your street map
  • Use your mobile phone in office hours
  • Use the Client internet system for personal use without permission
  • Read a book or the newspaper if you run out of work
  • Get involved in any office politics you may hear
  • Be careless with facts regarding timesheet/ hours
  • Work through lunch unless you are specifically asked to do so
  • Leave any personal details with Clients prior to advising Legal Leap

As ambassadors for Legal Leap Recruitment Ltd, please help us in any way you can. Please notify us (NOT THE CLIENT) by 8.30am on the day of your assignment if you are unable to attend.

Please see our testimonials from just a few of our dedicated temps.

Timesheet Download

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Submit CV

If you would like us to keep
your CV on file for any future
vacancies, please send an
email with your CV attached


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